Hello Blog! Mar 4, 2018-2 min read

Well, I finally found the time time to ditch my old WordPress blog and replace it with this shiny-new static blog generated with Hugo.
I personally chose not to use any of the kick-ass themes available, but I decided to port my TheBestMotherfucking.website theme to Hugo instead. I obviously found a good name for it: The Best Motherfucking Blog Theme.


Thanks to the switch from Wordpress to Hugo, there have been a lot of improvements, namely:

  • I can now write my blog posts in Markdown (huge improvement!)
  • The website is now static, can be cached and has little to no impact on the server resources
  • The pages are minimal, only the necessary content is loaded
  • There is no risk of hacking, since there is no backend
  • I can update the website with a git push
  • Anybody can contribute to the blog or the theme
  • I can now write footnotes 1 with ease!

It is still a work in progress though, but it seems to be quite minimal and functional.
The blog, now

Code Highlighting

What I find pretty handy about hugo is that the code can be automatically highlighted, for example, if I wanted to add a CSS snippet here is how it would appear:

a.site-title, a.site-title:visited{
  color: @titleColor;
  text-decoration: none;

  max-width: 100%;

Pretty nice huh?

  1. Example of a footnote [return]